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Hi there! Referring to your inquiries about the possibility to extend the summer – the answer is obvious!
Of course, it’s possible!
The Canary Islands offer such possibility. The islands of eternal spring!

The average monthly schedule of temperatures and winds for Tenerife since 2003:

The proof that the above data is true:
The end of the cruise. Return of the yacht. The photo taken in Tenerife on 12th November 2010. It wasn’t an unusual weather occurrence…
Let me quote the website:
“The climate of the islands is an oceanic and subtropical climate with moderate temperatures, rare rains, depending on the island and its zone as well as the height above the sea level. The average air temperature from October to April is 20-28°C”.

The Canary Islands are volcanic islands with a very diversified climate depending on the height above the sea level. And the peaks are very high. From almost 2 000 m above the sea level on Gran Canaria to above 3 000 m above the sea level of the highest peak on Tenerife (by the way, it is the highest peak in Spain!!!).
I had the pleasure to be on the Canary Islands a few times but it was always the beginning or the end of a cruise so I did not have the possibility to visit them to a satisfying extent.

The view on Tenerife from the La Palma island (the distance between the peaks is approx.. 130 km). And the clouds beneath…

La Palma – a volcano peak.
Sunrise on the ocean.

Term of the cruise: from 04-11-2017 to 11-11-2017.
The yacht – it will be adopted to the number of participants but it must be at the minimum a 3-cabin registered for 8 persons (I have very fond memories of sailing in 2010 from Mallorca to the Canary Islands on Oceanis 43).
The start – most probably from Gran Canaria – cheaper flights but the yacht charter price may justify a change to Tenerife. 
The cost– having conducted an initial search for available yachts I can say that the price may be about 350 EUR per berth for a person. Everything depends on the number of persons and how fast the decisions will be taken. To that we must add the yacht cash for the fuel, food supplies, the marines – I assume EUR 120 per person. This money will be settled after the cruise. One must also add the cost of transport. I have checked the prices of flight tickets and they are about PLN 1000 for flights from Warsaw.

The route is theoretical and its execution will depend, most of all, on the weather. In this period the wind direction is changeable so the specific plan will be made when the weather forecast is known.

My cruises during which I had the opportunity to visit the Canary Islands. To be found in the unit “Gallery/ Routes”. You can also find the routes of these cruises there.
Here is the link to the photo gallery:

Mallorca - Tenerife "XXX Cubalibre" Oceanis 43from 23-10-2010 to 13-11-2010

Regatta ARC "Sta Maria" Catamaran Wave58 from 20-11-2011 to 05-12-2011

Tenerife - Mallorca "Arehucas" Bavaria49from 14-04-2012 to 05-05-2012

Spain "Thetis" Bavaria 42  from 02-11-2013 to 16-11-2013 "Conquest of the Atlantic"

I am looking forward to your quick response.

If you are not interested in this cruise, please notify your friends about it – perhaps they will be willing to participate.

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